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10 years developing 


for a fair, inclusive and participative Puerto Rico. 

Puerto Rico's Social Action Fellowship

The Agents of Change  Empowerment and Retention Program (PARACa) is a fellowship program focused on social action for college students and recent graduates. The experience consists of eight weeks (June-July) in which selected members complete a social impact internship, and a professional development and social awareness curriculum. Members are distinguished for developing strong leadership skills, awareness and sensitivity towards the social challenges faced in our society.

The experience is a full-time commitment during summer (32hr) weekly from Monday to Thursday in the appointed practice centers, Fridays are dedicated to workshops and integration to our Agents of Change community, and three Saturdays are reserved for field trips.     


"Make your life’s project, a project for social change!" 

Fecha límite: 28 de febrero de 2023



1. Social Awareness Modules: the participants analyze and discuss topics that affect the well-being and development of Puerto Rico. Relevant topics areas such as economy, civic and environment are discussed to exchange ideas and generate solutions. These modules are offered every Friday during the eight-week fellowship.   

2. Field Visits: during the field trips, the participants are exposed to the social challenges faced in Puerto Rico and get to know firsthand the organizations, communities and projects that strive to eradicate them. There are a total of 3 field trips, which take place on Saturdays.  

3. Internship: we recognize that to be effective in implementing solutions for change there is a need for field experience. This experience will be acquired through a professional or community internship. Participants will use gained knowledge from their college courses and social awareness modules in an active and professional environment.    

4. Agents of Change Community: Each week we build a network of peers that assist each other and are engaged in current and future civic action activities. This community transcend the programs and generates collaborations and long-term relationships between peers.     

Application Process:


First round 

  • Fill out the application on or before February 28, 2021.

  • Must include LinkedIn Profile or application is disqualified.

  • If chosen for the second round an email will be sent during the month of March 2021.  

Second round 

  • ​Interview with MPA personnel.

  • Complete a form ( due on March 27, 2021. The form will be sent by email to the selected applicants for the second round.

  • Must include a letter of recommendation and a video in the form.

  • If chosen, we will reach out for a second interview with the pre-selected internship center. This interview will take place during April 2021.    

*The selected applicants will be announced in our website on April 30, 2021

Use our guide before completing your application.

Guía para un entrevista exitosa (2).jpg

Gracias a una colaboración con Talent Boosters ahora también tendrás acceso a una guía para prepararte para tu entrevista en caso de pasar a la segunda ronda.  



The program has no fees, but selectees should be willing and able to cover personal costs such as food and transportation to their fellowship center, modules and filed trips.  

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