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Our programs seek to train, activate and position young people to face the social justice challenges in Puerto Rico.

We provide the necessary skills to develop Changemakers capable of solving social challenges. We are committed to building a community of mutually supportive leaders willing to collaborate to create a supportive, just, and participatory Puerto Rico.

Programs & Events
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The "Programa de Retención y Agentes de Cambio (PARACA)" (Changemaker Retention and Empowerment Program)  is a training program for young university students and recent graduates known for their leadership. The program seeks to train the next generation of conscious, sensitive, and effective Changemakers willing to work for a better Puerto Rico.

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#EnAcción is a civic action program aimed at young university students and professionals with a social commitment to Puerto Rico. The program seeks to develop a systematic perspective among participants to form leaders capable of carrying out social initiatives and projects of impact for Puerto Rico.



Our events bring together individuals from diverse backgrounds and disciplines to learn, contribute and exchange experiences and ideas about the realities of Puerto Rico.

Meet our current participants!

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